Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hey Bman, PS renegade is an OP... Duh! lol

 First of all, thanks for still following my blog and all.... but do you recall when renegayd was first getting started they used all the Nazi and Hitler memes? Well it was mentioned to him by a cpl ... namely myself and Wendytheredhead that he was portraying a view that wasn't shared by the majority of folks in the usa. Most folks are indoctrinated by jewish "education" of how horrible Germany was. How absolutely "evil" Adolf Hitler was. How Adolf was to take over the world and we would all be speaking German and controlled by Nazi's. Just what I recon folks think these days due to media..... Am I wrong?
 Well douche' banned me immediately and ostracized my view as anti white. HAHA. I am actually wishing folks would wake the fuck up and not be duped by this (shill) . Kyle and CO. are absolutely shilling for the opposing "team"
 The fact that some morons are still willing to listen and believe this crew of sycophants amazes me. Free thinking and common sense is a rare commodity these days isn't it B-man.
 I've been watching, keeping tabs and RARELY comment anymore because IABATT! It's All Bullshit All The Time!!!!!!!!!!
 Obviously the funds are king for the renegayed crew... Thanks jews.